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Product Description

Commonly used specifications: thickness 3-10mm, copper layer thickness ratio 10-40%.
Currently, the negative electrode metal poles used in power lithium batteries are mainly copper-aluminum composite materials produced by the friction welding process. However, this process has many disadvantages. Our company uses continuous casting Copper-aluminum composite materials produced by rolling composite patented technology effectively solve the above problems. A comparison of the two processes is as follows:


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Grad Process

friction welding process


Bond strength

Composite under high temperature, high pressure and oxygen-free conditions to achieve metallurgical bonding with high bonding strength

There will be some "non-ideal bonding" defects on the friction welding connection interface , such as gray spots, cracks, lack of welding, inclusions, intermetallic compounds, misalignment, etc., which are prone to breakage during use.



Industrialized large-scale continuous production with high production efficiency

Single piece production, low production efficiency


product consistency

High product performance consistency

Each product is produced individually, and product performance consistency is low.

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